Can't Get Enough of Our Content?

Check out passion projects, radio segments and more for the die-hard fans

Have you already worked your way through the podcast episodes, exhausted the TikTok feed and are hungry for more? You've come to the right place. This page is for the die-hard fans who need more Jake Truemper in their lives. You can find additional channels, passion projects and radio segments.

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Where can you find more content?

Where can you find more content?

I have multiple alternate accounts and content spread across different websites and media outlets. Try them all or choose a new favorite:

  • Pop culture videos: @jaketruemper100 on TikTok
  • Films and shorts: Jake Truemper's Okay Films on YouTube
  • Music: Running in Place on YouTube
  • Secondary personal videos: @jaketruempersux1 on TikTok
  • Radio broadcasts: K92.3 and B100 Quad Cities

Follow me on any of these platforms for non-history content.